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Ann Swain BS Mus Therapy, Lic INPP, MA Ed. Neuroscience.

After graduating from Green Meadow Waldorf School in New York, Ann trained as a music therapist at Indiana University and did her internship in a psychiatric hospital with children and adolescents. She then went on to study Waldorf Education at Emerson College, Sussex. She took over a class at the Waldorf School of South West London and also worked as administrator in that school for 5 years. It was during this time that she trained as a Waldorf “Remedial” teacher with Rosemary Gebert at Michael Hall.

Ann took up a post as Learning Support teacher at Michael Hall where she worked for 18 years, developing screening and assessment protocols and teaching children and adolescents with special educational needs. During those years she did the Bothmer Movement training with Martin Baker at Michael Hall, the INPP Reflex Integration training in Chester with Peter and Sally Blythe, as well as the Johansen Sound Therapy with Kjeld Johansen.

Just recently she completed a Masters degree in Educational Neuroscience at University of London, focusing on the human mirror neuron system and the default mode network.

Her particular professional interests involve movement development in atypical learners, sensory integration and above all – excellent delivery of Steiner Education to all learners. As part of SWASEND she consults to Steiner Waldorf Schools in the UK.

Ann is a founding member and co-director of SWASEND (previously SWDA), director of Align for Learning SEN training seminar and is SENCo at the Norwich Steiner School.



Charlotte Harvey BEd (Hons) PGDipSpLD

Charlotte trained at Froebel Institute (then part of London University) in Primary Education, specialising in Geography, and then taught in primary schools in London and Surrey.

After re-locating to Forest Row, she undertook a Post Graduate course in Specific Learning Differences with the Beve Hornsby Institute and on completion took up a teaching post at Michael Hall School in the Learning Support Department. Here she screened classes, assessed and taught children ranging from 8 – 16.

Over the years, and after further training, she took on the responsibility of assessing students for examination access arrangements. Alongside the continuing role of teacher and SENCo, Charlotte developed the role of Upper School Co-ordinator and focussed the remainder of her time with students in the Middle and Upper school environment.

Since leaving teaching, Charlotte has set up two Community Interest Companies: Barebones Theatre Project – a local diverse theatre group engaged in producing and directing challenging theatrical experiences in Forest Row; Bridging Ages – a company running the Life Stories project, an intergenerational programme with teenagers and older residents.

She is a co-director of SWASEND and involved in the administration of the Align for Learning training seminar.



Christiane Dawson BEd (Hons)

Christiane trained at Battersea College of Education (then part of London University) in Primary Education, specialising in Philosophy of Education and Psychology, obtaining a Batchelor of Education degree in 1979. She then then taught in primary schools in London and Surrey.

Whilst teaching in a German Steiner school in the early 90s she trained to become a Steiner specialist in foreign language teaching, but later returned to the UK, where she taught primary and nursery children in state schools.

Alongside her teaching she undertook a 3 year course in Steiner Kindergarten training with Lynn Oldfield in London, enabling her to experiment with the integration of Steiner teaching methods and content into the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

In the late 90s she gained a certificate at Surrey University to teach children with literacy difficulties.

After re-locating to Forest Row, she began working with Early Years children and pupils with learning differences at Michael Hall School. Here she screened classes, assessed and taught children ranging from 8 – 16.

Over the years she focused more on her SEN work at the school and became Special Educational Needs Coordinator for Early Years and the Lower School. She helped to shape the Learning Support Department according to modern standards and in response to Government requirements such as the Equality Act 2010 and the SEN Code of Practice 2014.

She is a co-director of SWASEND and involved in the administration of the Align for Learning training seminars.


Jeremy Nowell BA Oxon

Jeremy graduated from Align for Learning in 2012, whilst working as a class teacher at the Norwich Steiner School. He had earlier trained as a class teacher, graduating from the Emerson College Teaching as an Art course of 2008.  At Norwich, Jeremy combined the roles of SENCO and class teacher.

Having taken a class through from Class 1 to 8, Jeremy was invited to join the West of England Steiner Teacher Training (WESTT), based at Wynstones School, near Stroud.  He has been a director of the course since 2016.

Since joining WESTT, Jeremy has continued to work with SEN, and has been visiting SENCO at both the Cardiff and South Devon Steiner schools.  His main area of interest is in helping teachers to use SEN as a means of evolving and developing their own teaching practice – a principle enshrined in the SEN Code of Practice 2014.


Victoria Biggs author of “Caged in Chaos A Dyspraxic’s Guide To Breaking Free”. She shares insights from personal experience of dyspraxia and autism. 

Kevin Davidson is a graduate of Align for Learning 2012 and is a Bothmer Gymnast teaching gym and games in primary and secondary school settings. 

Xavier Eloquin is a chartered educational psychologist who has done extensive research into attachment disorders, stress and the impact of stress on learning. 

Anita Hempenius is an experienced Steiner Waldorf Class Teacher and SENDCo. 

Lucinda Howard is an optometrist with specialist interest in reading difficulties. 

Natalie Packer is an educational consultant who is a recognised expert in the equalities Act 2010 and the SEND code of Practice 2014. She is author of “The Perfect SENCO”. 

And others…