Align for Learning

STRING-GAMESAlign For Learning is intended for those with teaching qualification and/or teaching experience.

Participants from Steiner Waldorf, State and Independent sectors are welcome to apply.

Children today come into the classroom presenting complex behavioural difficulties and learning needs. Teachers without the necessary knowledge and skills may experience a growing sense of powerlessness and frustration. 



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Align for Learning is a training seminar designed specifically to assist teachers in identifying and assessing learning differences as well as to design and implement effective classroom differentiation interventions. The foundations of the course are based on the pedagogical insights of Rudolf Steiner however it will also use tools from current psychological and neuroscientific research and educational theory and practice as well as the legal context of SEND today.

Align for Learning  is designed for anyone working within early years, primary and/or secondary settings and will prepare students to be able to undertake the tasks relevant to Special Education with confidence and professionalism. 

Align for Learning supports class and subject teachers to plan, present and review their lessons with the atypical learner at the fore.

What the Graduates say:

“The tutors were all of a very high calibre…I would highly recommend this course to anyone working or interested in this field”

“This course made me, as a class teacher, much more aware of the children’s needs and gave me some really valuable tools to meet these needs.”

“I was putting what I was learning into practice all the time”

“I really appreciated coming together with other professionals and forming lasting connections”

“I would definitely recommend this course, because all teachers should know about learning differences”


Align for Learning is certified by Crossfields Institute and has been awarded the Crossfields Institute Quality Mark as a demonstration of our commitment to high quality teaching, learning and assessment.

Graduates of this course have gone on to establish learning support departments and develop their  schools’ learning support provision; become special needs advisors; co-direct teacher training seminars and set up private practice working with children. 


Course Content

Align for Learning will cover principles of motor, sensory and cognitive development; literacy, numeracy attention and behaviour challenges as well as    multi-disciplinary remedial techniques and aspects of relevant legislation.  

Course Structure

Align for Learning is a part-time, intensive course over 15 months. There will be 12 weekend modules – Friday evening to mid-day on Sunday, with intensive weeks at Easter and summer.  These weekends will be made up of a balanced mixture of lectures, small group work and study, activities, collaborative and independent work

A key feature of the course is practical implementation. It will be essential that students have access and opportunity to work within a school setting. Each participant will be required to attend weekend and intensive modules, assess and work with children or adolescents with learning differences. 

The course will include written assessments, Individual Development Planning, lesson implementing, evaluating and report writing. Students will also undertake independent research between weekend modules which will include producing evaluative reviews of theory, methods and current research as well as a final individual project.

Course Fees

The cost of Align for Learning is £2,500. Discounts are available for those who pay full fees in advance.


The course will take place in Dick Chester Studio at Michael Hall, Forest Row, Sussex, RH18 5JA

Dates and Times

The weekend modules: Friday 20:00-21:30. Saturday from 09:00-17:30 and Sunday from 09:00-12:30

The Intensive weeks will begin Monday 09:00 and last until mid-day on Friday