Thank you lovely people who attended the webinar. If you haven’t received the video yet, you will very soon. We had a few technical issues to sort out (and will do better next time).

For those of you who could not make it, or who were not aware it was on, we have a video available for sale. Strange as it may sound, when watching the video afterwards, I was quite impressed with myself (and that does not happen often).

It is a good mix of background information, questions to make you think, and videos that are both heart-warming and heart-wrenching.

Part 1: Communication

We discussed differences between the way autistic people communicate and neurotypical people communicate

We experienced different levels of listening

Part 2: The language we use

The effect of the words that are used to describe us on our own identity

Unconscious bias exercise

Quiz on simple statistics about minority groupings such as the disabled, neurodivergent, some ethnicities, LGBTQI+

Gender and Identity

Part 3: The Environment

Maslov’s hierarchy of needs and how this is an essential tool in inclusion


Othering and Belonging

Strength-based Appraisal

Part 4: Inclusion Self-Audit of Steiner Waldorf schools in terms of communication, language, and environment